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New Orleans, Louisiana


2022-2023 Scholarship Tulane University New Orleans

Olexia-Daigle's Instagram

Sofia Olexia-Daigle graduated from New Harmony High School and New Orleans Center for Creative Arts in 2022. She is beginning studies at Tulane University in New Orleans, pursuing a BA in Studio Art. She currently interns at Young Artist Movement (New Orleans Art Council) and has worked on multiple collaborative murals and public art projects led by artists Rontherin Ratliff, Brandan Odums, Carle Joe Williams, Ayo Scott & more. Her work has been published by St. Charles Magazine, Geaux Girls Magazine, & more. She will be traveling to Italy for a glass blowing internship in Summer 2022 and has completed internships with Village Potters in North Carolina and The Green Project: Recycling Muralist in New Orleans. 

“I am inspired by strong women. Particularly those who are not celebrated on magazine covers and entertainment blogs. The women who carry invisible struggles, who pour into others when their own cup needs filling, who share the victories and sorrows of their sisters, those unafraid to fail at something new, cry and try again. My passion as an artist is to create art that people can relate to, and to shed light on those less visible in our world,” says Olexia-Daigle. She is interested in pursuing a minor or double-major in Marketing and Studio Art. “A dual degree in Studio Art and Marketing will increase the chances of reaching my aspirations of becoming a professional artist and businesswoman with a studio of my own.”

Sofia Olexia-Daigle is a current member of the YAYA young artists’ guild which she joined in 2017.

All works are copyright of the artist.

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