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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions About the Grants & Scholarships
Who can apply for a grant?
  • YAYA alumni are eligible to apply for grants from Ana & Adeline Foundation. They must have earned a high school diploma or GED by May 31, 2024 and must document at least two consecutive years as YAYA artists. 

  • Fill out the YAYA Alumni ENROLLMENT Form to confirm your eligibility.

  • Applicants can live in New Orleans, where the foundation is based, or anywhere else in the United States or the world.

  • Applicants can submit only one application per award cycle: Grants or Scholarships

  • Past award recipients are eligible to reapply. The previous final reporting requirements have been suspended at this time as we develop new ways to work with awardees to document their experiences. 

Artists not affiliated with YAYA and organizations are not eligible to apply for grants.


What disciplines does the foundation support?

The foundation supports creativity and leadership in the visual arts and design.


What is the deadline to apply?

Spring 2024 - exact date TBD

When must grant and scholarship activities take place?

Activities must take place between July 1, 2024 and June 30, 2025. 

How do I apply for a grant?

Only applications completed online will be considered for funding. Please do not mail a copy of your application.


I do not have computer. How can I apply for a grant online?

If you do not have a computer, your best possible resource for completing the application is a computer at a public library. It is possible to start the application process, save the application and return to the application to complete it later. You do not have to use the same computer when returning to the application. 


I started my online application. How do I save my application and complete it later?

The online application is hosted by SUBMITTABLE, an online platform that will prompt you to set up a free account where you can start, save and later return to your application.  Your application will not be reviewed until after the deadline.

How should I format my work samples?

Please name your files with your last name and the work sample number.


For example. if your last name is Smith, the work samples will be named as follows:

Work Sample #1: "Smith1.jpg"
Work Sample #2: "Smith2.jpg"
Work Sample #3: "Smith3.jpg"
Work Sample #4: "Smith4.jpg"
​Work Sample #5: "Smith5.jpg"


What is a letter or support?

The letter of support is a letter or documentation from the institution or individual that will be hosting your project, typically written on their letterhead. You can upload the letter directly into the online application form.


When do I need a letter of support or a reference letter?
  • Letter of support is recommended, but optional, for grant requests greater than $1000. 

  • Reference letters are required for scholarships greater than $1,000.

  • Do not wait to request this letter. It can take time for a person to have this ready for you, so ask for it right away!

How do I submit the images and video?

All images and video can be uploaded directly through the online application. The maximum space for all combined attachments on one application is 1GB.

Can I get assistance in completing my grant or scholarship application?

Yes. We offer a Grant & Scholarship Info Zoom Webinar and the Artist Toolbox Zoom Lab Series. You are invited to attend on Zoom at the scheduled dates and times or return to view the recordings once the date has passed. Check out the Tips for a Stronger Application for further guidance. Lastly, we offer phone support.  Applicants are welcome to schedule a phone meeting for individual questions, feedback and support. To do so, send an email to or call (504) 302-0067 to schedule an appointment.

If I have trouble with the online application process, can someone help me?

Yes. If you are having technical problems with the online application, please contact us at or call (504) 302-0067.

When are applicants notified?

Applicants will be notified by within a month of the application deadline.


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