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INFUSION GRANT: Emergency Relief for YAYA Alumni 
Fast-track micro-support for moments of crisis 

The Infusion Grant for YAYA Alumni is a safety net for those who are in a moment of crisis - whether a personal emergency or broader social disaster.  Artists may apply for fast-track grants of $250, $500, $750 or $1,000 to help stabilize their lives and - by extension - their artistic practice.  There is no requirement to make art with this grant.

This grant is intended to bring temporary relief to a crisis situation.  We realize that this grant may not address all needs.  We would like to help you find and utilize other RESOURCES to bring greater stability to your life.

Ana & Adeline Foundation annually sets aside $10,000 to support this emergency relief fund that is distributed as needed.  Artists may apply once every two years for personal situations.  In the case of widespread disaster - such as a hurricane or pandemic - the Foundation will reassess the impacts and amount of funding to support the YAYA community.

  1. You must be a YAYA Alum. If you are not already enrolled as a YAYA alum, the Foundation will contact you or your emergency contact person to collect basic information to verify YAYA alumni status.

  2. You must have an artistic practice or interest/desire to start making art again.  You do not have to make artwork with this grant.

  3. You must write a brief written explanation of your crisis situation. (See below a list of possible situations.).


  • This emergency grant values mutual trust and compassion. Although not required, you have the OPTION to upload documentation of your crisis situation (for example: eviction notice, photo of property damage, medical bill, doctor's written statement of injury, etc.).

Emergency Relief circumstances may include, but are not limited to: 

  • Housing insecurity

  • Food insecurity

  • Medical crisis for yourself or a dependent

  • Death of an immediate family member (parent, sibling, spouse/life partner, or child)

  • Disaster (hurricane, flood, tornado, fire, etc.)

  • Damage to personal property (home, car, studio, etc.) that destabilizes your ability to work or causes housing insecurity

  • Other extreme circumstances not described above

Other details 

  • Your privacy and personal circumstances are confidential.

  • You may only apply for personal emergency relief once every two years within the Foundation's business year cycle: July 1-June 30. In extreme circumstances, you can appeal to the review panel to re-apply within that two years.

  • We may receive more requests for funding than we can provide.

  • The Emergency Relief funds can not be used to pay debt, such as student loans or past due credit card bills.

  • There is no deadline to apply.

  • Applications are received and approved on a rolling basis.

  • The fund will stay open while funds are available, but we will evaluate and update it as the situation requires or allows.

  • Funds can only be paid by: paper check, Zelle or Electronic Funds Transfer (ETF).

  • Applications are fast-tracked and reviewed and approved by a volunteer panel of our community members who honor your privacy.

  • CALL or TEXT 985-262-3686 to let us know that you are applying so that are on alert to fast-track your emergency grant application.

  • Someone from the Foundation will contact you within 72 hours. Please let us know if the situation is of extreme urgency and needs a more rapid reply.

  • Complete this online application - OR - CALL US and we can fill out the application for you by asking a few short questions. The application takes about 5-10 minutes to complete.

  • A friend or family member can complete the application for the YAYA alum if that person is not in a state of body or mind to do it themselves.

QUESTIONS? Call/text 985-262-3686. Messages will be returned within 72 hours.

YAYA Alumni Advisory Group

Special thanks to YAYA Alumni Channel Guice Thomas, Courtney Clark, and Glenn Garrison who served as advisors as the Foundation prepared the Infusion Grant for launch. We are extremely grateful for their valuable feedback. 

Infusion Grant History 

The Infusion Grant was created in 2020 to provide emergency relief to YAYA alumni during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to learn more about this program's origin. Emergency Relief was re-launched in 2021 following Hurricane Ida. Thanks to the collective input of the alumni community and our board and staff, the Foundation now has a $10,000 annual emergency relief fund to be distributed to alumni as needed.

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