MARCH 2018


Professional Development Workshop for Artists & Designers co-hosted by the Ana & Adeline Foundation and the Joan Mitchell Center


Twenty-four artists and designers from Joan Mitchell Center’s AIR program and Ana & Adeline Foundation grantees participated in a daylong STRATEGIC PLANNING WORKSHOP presented by Creative Capital.


Creative Capital is a New York-based nonprofit that supports innovative and adventurous artists across the country through funding, counsel, and career development services. Creative Capital’s co-presenters lead the workshop: Colleen Keegan, a corporate strategic planner and arts activist, and Dread Scott, an artist who makes revolutionary art to propel history forward.


Workshop participants learned key business and management skills and heard first-hand from artists how these tools can be used to break the crisis management cycle and achieve success—as they define it. Topics included business management, goal setting, communications and negotiation. In addition to lecture presentations, participants participated in interactive exercises, meet with leaders in small working groups, and were given Strategic Planning workbooks to help guide their process.


MARCH 2017


Toy Design Workshop - a pilot project for mentorship


The Ana & Adeline Foundation seeks to support the generational relationships between the YAYA alumni and the young artists at YAYA.  As a pilot project, the foundation invited YAYA alumnus Brandon Thomas to design a studio mentorship project centered on his unique professional experiences.  Thomas and his colleague, DeAndre Moore, both graduates of Otis College of Art & Design in Los Angeles, presented two toy design workshops at YAYA. They mentored YAYA high school artists in the fundamentals of toy design and orthographic sketching.  The second workshop was adapted for elementary students to include 3-D sculpting. Thomas and Moore closed the workshops with presentations about their own careers in design and product development– providing the young artists with a perspective about professional possibilities for designers. Thomas later presented the same toy design workshop at an orphanage that he visited in Jacaranda, Malawi.  Learn more about Thomas and his work here.