Meet the
2017 Grant Recipients

Paul Wright

Kopi (portrait), Copic Markers

2017-2018 Grant Recipient

Grants and Scholarships

Infusion Grants

The Infusion Grant is a $500 flat stipend to boost the creative practice or professional aspirations related to visual arts and design.

Creative Work Grants

Creative Work Grants offer up to $10,000 for projects designed to push the limits of individual creative process, to take risks, to collaborate with other artists, and/or to engage with a broader community through art. 


Scholarships offer to $10,000 for tuition and/or housing to attend an accredited college or university and may be used for school related materials, school fees, and senior art shows costs.

Professional & Entrepreneur Grants

Professional and Entrepreneur Grants provide up to $3,000 to enhance business skills and build professional resources and/or to advance entrepreneurial endeavors in the visual arts and design.

Jeremiah Brown


Tulane School of Professional Advancement

New Orleans, LA

The 2017-2018 Ana & Adeline Foundation Grantees