2011 Grant Recipients

Sharika Mahdi
2011 Grant Recipient: Creative Ventures
Creation of New Body of Work, New Orleans, LA


"The Ana & Adeline Foundation Grant provided a great opportunity for me to venture out and collaborate with YAYA artists and explore their experiences with the front porch tradition including discussions and input in constructing a mini wooden shaped of houses. The grant also helped with the purchase of art supplies needed to complete the project."

Stanley Russell
2011 Grant Recipient: Scholarship
Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA

"I am an Industrial Designer. My area of focus is sports equipment design, but I also love to design furniture. I started at the Academy of Art University in the fall of 2008. I wanted to find a career that I can affect people in a very real way. The school and program was very rigorous, and not to mention expensive. The Ana & Adeline Foundation Grant was truly an honor to be the 2011 recipient. I was able to pay a portion of my tuition, as well as housing with the grant. To be quite honest this was the first competition I'd ever entered. I wasn't sure if I'd win or even be considered, for that matter. So to be awarded the Adeline Edwards Foundation grant, was so much more than just a monetary award. It made me feel like I was on the right path, and that my dreams, and vision for my future were validated by individuals who saw in me what I've always seen in myself. Currently, I am in the process of starting my own design consultancy. As an Industrial Designer, it is truly an amazing feeling to have your concepts, developed into a marketable product. I am looking forward to carving out my own lane and setting myself apart within the product design industry. Thank you so much Adeline Edwards Foundation. My success is a direct reflection of what your foundation stands for. Hard Work, Persistence, and a Goal!"

Channel Thomas
2011 Grant Recipient: Creative Venture
Bookmaking Workshop with Kids, New Iberia, LA


"My experience in hosting a bookmaking workshop was awesome. The students didn't know what to expect when I told them they would be making their own pop-up books. Many of them got discouraged at first because they felt they couldn't draw well enough, but once I explained their books were all about them, they got right into it. The workshop was about them creating a book all about themselves and the things they liked to do. They had to draw the images, and cut them out, and apply them to flaps I made for the pop-up mechanism. At the conclusion of the workshop we invited parents and had a reading session where every child read their own book to the crowd. It was great to get them excited about reading. The Ana & Adeline Foundation allowed me to successfully conduct this workshop, provide a snack and supplies for the kids of New Iberia."

Monica Tyran
2011 Grant Recipient: Residency
New Orleans Glassworks & Printmaking Studio


“I wanted a basic understanding of the screen-printing process so that I could go back to YAYA and teach the younger artists those studio skills. After taking the screen-printing classes at the New Orleans Glassworks, YAYA hosted a workshop with Purple Monkey, a commercial screen-printing shop and I served as their assistant and did follow-up work with the YAYA artists.”


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