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All applicants may submit a 1-5 minute video. 


This video is another way for you to represent yourself and your ideas. It’s fine to use the camera on your smartphone. Your video does not necessarily need to be highly stylized or edited to be successful. Even single shot videos can be a strong representation of you and your work. 


Here are some tips to consider while planning your one-minute to five-minute video: 

Tell us or show us something else about you or your ideas that complements your proposal.

If you want to be creative, go for it!

Your video can show anything ranging from you working in the studio, you at your college campus, documentation of your artwork, a digital video of your own creation, etc.

Record videos in LANDSCAPE mode (not portrait mode) because landscape is visible in a large format on larger screens (Portrait is visible as a narrow vertical window on larger screens.)

If you are going to speak, make sure we can hear you and there is no distracting background noise.

If you want us to see you, make sure the lighting is good and that you aren't cropping out half your face - unless that's an aesthetic choice.

Lighting can greatly impact your video. In general, indirect natural lighting is more flattering and easier to manage than artificial lighting.

To reduce shakiness, unless that’s an affect you intend, use a tripod or put the camera/phone on a stable surface.

If digital media is not your strength, you can seek technical support from someone who does have such skills as long as you are not misrepresenting your own creative abilities. (For example, you can ask someone to shoot a video of you speaking about your work. Another person can offer guidance about how to shoot the video and can help you edit the video. However, asking a someone to create a special animated video for you would be considered a misrepresentation of your skills.)

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