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Tips for a Stronger Application


Be informed. 

Before filling out the application, read the available information about the award program: Grant & Scholarship GUIDELINES and WORKSHEET.


Pace yourself. 
Use the WORKSHEET to start laying out the ideas of your proposal—from the narrative sections to the budget. Don’t wait until the last minute to start filling it out. Remember you will need to submit 5 JPEGS, a short video, and possibly a letter of support. Collecting these bits and pieces takes time. If your application requires a letter of reference or host letter, contact the person you are asking for the letter as soon as possible to give them ample time.

Take action. 
See your application as an action plan for realizing your goals. Once you lay out your ideas, use your narrative as a guide to make your budget.

Be realistic. 
Can you achieve your goals given the money and time constraints?  Craft your budget thoughtfully.  How much will your project really cost? What other resources will help make your proposal a success?


Iron out the kinks.

First write the narrative sections in a program like Word or Pages. Use spell check then cut and paste your narrative sections into the online application.

Represent yourself well. 
Ana & Adeline Foundation gives you the chance to represent yourself through words, images, and video. Take time to select your 5 work sample images. Don’t wait until the last minute to shoot your one-minute video. The foundation will not judge videos on high technical quality, but more so on ideas and presentation. 


Get feedback. 
Show a draft of your application to another artist or a trusted friend to get feedback.  Your friend may be able to see holes in your proposal and can help you clarify fuzzy areas.


Don’t be shy! 
If you have questions about the content of you application or if you are having technical problems with the application process, contact the foundation staff for help!  Contact us at OR (504) 484-0533.


Believe in yourself. 

Have confidence in yourself and the potential of your ideas.


Participate in the workshops. 
Take advantage of workshops and phone support! Leading up to the application deadline, the Foundation will offer workshops to help you prepare a competitive application.


Phone Support

If you’re not in New Orleans or can’t make the workshops, you can schedule a phone meeting with foundation staff by emailing or calling (504) 484-0533.

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