Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions About the Foundation


Who started the foundation and how long has it existed?

Jana Napoli, who is also the founder of YAYA (Young Aspirations/Young Artists), started the Ana & Adeline Foundation in 2011.


Why is the foundation named the Ana & Adeline Foundation?

Ms. Napoli was raised in New Orleans by two formidable women—her mother, Ana Napoli, who was Caribbean, and Adeline Edwards, who became her African American mother figure. The foundation was created in memory of their spirit and as a way to give back to others the gifts of passion, love and generosity that these women bestowed on her.


Is the Ana & Adeline Foundation affiliated with YAYA?

Ana & Adeline Foundation is an independent charitable organization that was created to complement YAYA's youth art programs by supporting the alumni as they forge their adult lives in the fields of visual artists and design.