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YAYA (Young Artists/Young Aspirations)

Founded in 1988 by Jana Napoli, YAYA, Inc. has been educating, nurturing, and empowering creative young New Orleanians for more than a quarter century. YAYA provides educational experiences in the arts and entrepreneurship to New Orleans-area children and youth, fostering and supporting their individual ambitions.


Their signature program of youth development through entrepreneurship is now replicated around the U.S.


The Ana & Adeline Foundation awards grants to the institution. Visit YAYA Grants to learn more. 


For more information about the programs and history of YAYA, Inc., visit their website at

“Unity” _yaya_inc
YAYA 30th Anniversary Timeline.jpg

In October 2023, Ana & Adeline Foundation held a gathering to celebrate YAYA's past and future.

YAYA alumni were invited to add Polaroid selfies to a timeline of the YAYA community.

Sharika Mahdi
Courtney Clark
Rondell Crier
Dexter Stewart
Rontherin Ratliff
JosephBrandon Thomas
Channel Guice Thomas
Glenn Garrison
Trynisha Wright
Jasmine McGary
Jourdan Barnes
Paul Michael Wright
Sly Watts
Kayla Curley
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