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2017-2018 Grant & Scholarship Recipients

The Ana & Adeline Foundation (formerly the Adeline Edwards Foundation) awarded $92,000 in grants and scholarships to fourteen visual artists who are alumni of the New Orleans youth arts organization, YAYA. Fourteen visual artists are the recipients of the 2017-2018 awards totaling $92,000 for creative work, professional and entrepreneurial development, and scholarships.


The Ana & Adeline Foundation supports the emerging YAYA visual artist community with resources for advancing their careers and creative practice. YAYA is a working studio and youth arts center in New Orleans that was founded in 1988 by artist Jana Napoli. For nearly three decades, YAYA has worked to empower creative young people through educational and entrepreneurial experiences in the visual arts. In 2011, Jana Napoli established the Ana & Adeline Foundation to complement the YAYA program by supporting its alumni into their adult lives. She saw the value of investing in the long-term trajectory of the artists. Grants and scholarships are awarded to visual artists who represent a diverse range in age and stage of their lives from college students to emerging artists and creative business owners.

The Ana & Adeline Foundation grant and scholarship program is managed through a partnership with the National Performance Network and the Visual Artists Network. The recipients were selected by a panel of jurors: Stephanie Atkins, Director of Local Programs, National Performance Network, Paul Gangsei, a lawyer with the New York office of Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, representing not-for-profit arts and other organizations in real estate and other matters; Paulette Hurdlick, Foundress of Zehno and board member and past board president of YAYA, Jana Napoli, President, Ana & Adeline Foundation; Asante Salaam, Outreach Manager, City of New Orleans Mayor’s Office of Cultural Economy; and Jennifer Williams, Deputy Director for the Public Experience, Prospect New Orleans. The Ana & Adeline Foundation sees the application process as a professional development opportunity, offering grant application workshops, one-on-one guidance, and constructive feedback from the jury. Our partnerships and alliances with creative and cultural leaders are a great asset and support mechanism to the emerging YAYA artist community. 

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