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New Orleans, LA

2019-2020 Grant From Dark to Lite

Mini Grant 2017-2018

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Quinton Hakeem is an artist of many disciplines, namely visual art, fashion design, and music. His work utilizes storytelling to spark healing in those who encounter daily struggles and seek clarity to mend their problems. Hakeem invented a character to double as a guardian angel after he lost his mother as a child. It takes the form “Patches,” a VooDoo doll who is rendered in various 2D and 3D scenarios to show there is strength and healing in all situations. Hakeem will use his grant to develop a design concept for a tiny house where he will create a multimedia Patches installation titled From Dark to Lite. The audience will be invited to view video segments in which Hakeem becomes Patches facing various struggles.  Hakeem seeks to deliver the message that the path to healing lies in creativity. This grant supports the development phase for the design of a full-scale iteration, large enough to welcome people to enter the tiny house.


Hakeem released an album titled PLAY in 2019 available on Spotify and Apple Music. He is also a YAYA Urban Heroes Art Enrichment mentor for middle and high schools in the New Orleans area. He loves working and sharing his knowledge of visual art with youth. YAYA remains a huge part of Hakeem's life, and he is grateful the organization has sent him around the world. 


Quinton Hakeem was active in the YAYA guild 2006-2015.

All works are copyright of the artist.

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