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Houston, Texas


2019-2020 Mini Grant Independent Studio Practice

Mini Grant 2018-2019


Rollins’s Instagram


Raymond Rollins is a painter and mixed media artist whose mini-grant supports his ongoing studio practice. Rollins describes his new exploration of clay sculpture as “adventurous, lively and real - the space it takes up on earth being similar to that of a living being.”  Rollins works with themes of human emotion, often creating from the dark place in which he finds himself. He views painting as a form of medicine, an act that gives him a voice and purpose. "It is my healer and my listener. Throughout my life, art has been the constant joy, release, voice, and friend that will never leave." He strives to create work that speaks to and challenges the ideals of what is monstrous and what is peaceful. 

Rollins has recently exhibited work at YAYA’s 30th Anniversary Gala and the Chocolate & Art Show in Houston where he currently resides. He has worked as an artist and designer for Bound 4 Glory Ministries, Kingdom Building Blocks, Gifted, Zeeda Much Love and B4G Records.

Raymond was active in the YAYA guild 1995-2000.

All works are copyright of the artist.

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