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Los Angeles, CA

2019-2020 Grant studio space to expand the channelguice collective brand
Grant 2011, 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 


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Channel Guice Thomas is a fiber artist and creator of channelguice collective, a brand of wearable art, jewelry and fashions made from her handmade batik textiles. Her grant makes it possible for her to rent a studio space at the Hawthorne Arts Complex near her home in Los Angeles.  Her studio provides space for production, photo documentation, storage, as well as a showroom and a meeting place for her clients. With the increased studio capacity, Guice Thomas aspires to expand her collection and show at New Orleans Fashion Week in summer 2020.


Guice Thomas discovered her passion for batik in 1997 when she met Viktor (Jon) Sarjano, an artist visiting YAYA from Indonesia. She studied with Sarjano daily, learning the authentic batik process for two years. They collaborated on multiple projects, and she became more inspired with each one. Guice Thomas has made Batik her primary medium and has devoted the last twenty-one years to her craft. Her work includes bold colors and energetic patterns. She feels that her fabrics are best displayed on the body, where they can move and flow.  


Guice Thomas is an elementary visual arts teacher at Westside Neighborhood School in Los Angeles.  


Channel Guice Thomas was active in the YAYA guild 1996-1999.

All works are copyright of the artist.

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