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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


2021-2022 Scholarship Drexel University


Garcia's Instagram


David Garcia is pursuing a BA in Fashion Design at Drexel University. He spent a year in attendance at New Orleans Center for Creative Arts and graduated from New Orleans Science and Mathematics Center Charter School in May 2021.

Born in Medellin, Colombia, Garcia learned English upon his arrival in the U.S. and finds “comfort in speaking through (his) art.” He has established a clothing brand, Prophecy, which he plans to turn into a household name. 


“I want to establish something to this magnitude to also help other artists and minorities around the world achieve their full potential and be able to follow their dreams. I want to develop something that will help open doors for others, like how people have supported me. This is why I want to take classes in business; finance; phycology; and more. I want to prepare myself and teach myself the knowledge of someone who can be prepared to lead the world into a better place.”


Garcia has a painting practice in addition to fashion and sometimes paints directly on clothing. He describes his painting practice as intuitive and unstructured. “When it comes to inspiration, I take in everything around me, but also my feelings at that moment. I try not to think too deep into things and just let whatever comes out, out.... My process is like that because I am not someone who tackles things normally, I like taking different approaches to figure out different outcomes.”


His work has been exhibited at YAYA Inc and New Orleans Fashion Week, and he was contracted to paint a mural on Tchoupitoulas street in New Orleans.

David Garcia is an active member of the YAYA guild, which he joined in 2018.

Warning: audio contains explicit content

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