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Atlanta, Georgia


2022-2023 Scholarship Savannah College of Art & Design

James’s Instagram

Laila James graduated from Cabrini High School in 2022. She is beginning studies at SCAD in Atlanta where she is pursuing a BA in Animation. She was awarded a SCAD Achievement Honors Scholarship and has worked as a Junior Counselor at YAYA’s summer art camp. She has been exploring the concept of Synesthesia in recent portraits. 

“I am not frightened of college because whatever challenges are presented, will not stress me out,” says James. “As an artist all my artwork, regardless of its unique concept(s), are byproducts of me. An insult to my art is an insult to my emotional endeavor to be the phenomenal artist I am today.” 

Laila James is a current member of the YAYA young artists’ guild which she joined in 2019.

All works are copyright of the artist.

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