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New Orleans, LA


2023-2024 Grant Melanin in Bloom: mixed media series

Grant 2016-2017



Trynisha Wright is a mixed-media artist who specializes in painting. With this grant, she will create Melanin in Bloom, a series of mixed-media pieces that celebrate nature, human connection, and growth within the Black community. Wright will incorporate painting, faux floral arrangements, plexiglass sculptures, and glass-blown and sand-casted floral arrangements. She also plans to create pins and prints. “I have always had a fascination with nature’s beauty, plentiful colors, shapes and essence,” says Wright. “Just as plants go through photosynthesis to thrive, sunlight is essential to human health and well-being. I am passionate about telling this story through my artwork because plants represent growth and I want to show a connection to community elevation as well.”


She will utilize the glass studio at YAYA to build sculptural elements for this series and plans to debut Melanin in Bloom in the Spring when nature itself is blooming. “After completing this body of work I would love for Melanin in Bloom to become a #hashtag for celebrating the elevation blackness.”

Trynisha Wright first joined the YAYA Guild in 2006.

All works are copyright of the artist.

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