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Ana & Adeline Foundation

Invested in the emerging YAYA artist community with resources for
advancing their individual careers and personal ambitions as visual artists.
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What is YAYA?

YAYA empowers creative young people through educational & entrepreneurial experiences in the visual arts. YAYA has worked with thousands of artists, primarily Black teenagers with an eagerness to explore their creativity. Ana & Adeline Foundation complements YAYA by supporting its alumni into their adult lives through grants, scholarships, & professional development opportunities.

Since 2015, Ana & Adeline Foundation has awarded grants and scholarships to 67 individual YAYA Alumni totaling $1,013,000 including emergency relief grants in response to the pandemic and Hurricane Ida. With support from Ana & Adeline Foundation scholarships, six YAYA Alumni have earned bachelor's degrees in visual arts and one has earned an MFA from schools including Boston University, Parsons New School, Xavier University, School of Visual Arts, Otis College of Art and Design, Loyola University, and University of Houston. In addition to supporting individual artists, Ana & Adeline Foundation makes an annual grant to YAYA to support their studio and Paint the World travel programs for teen and emerging artists.

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Ana & Adeline Foundation

3637 Canal St

New Orleans, LA 70119

CALL 985-ANA-FOUN (985--262-3686)


©2018 Ana & Adeline Foundation

The GIF at the top of this page includes artworks by the following YAYA Alumni:

Andy Anderson

Daymien Boyd

Courtney Collins

Charles Cooper

Rondell Crier

Caprica Joseph

Sharika Mahdi

Brian McMillian

Lionel Milton

Carlos Neville

Rontherin Ratliff

Dexter Stewart

Darryl White

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