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New Orleans, LA   

2023-2024 Scholarship Xavier University of Louisiana  

Scholarship 2022-2023


Artist, aviator, and scientist Andrew Bruce is pursuing a BS in Biology at Xavier University of Louisiana. He is on a pre-med track with minors in Studio Art & Chemistry. Glass art is his preferred medium, and he will be studying glass blowing at Tulane University in the coming year. “Glass art fascinates me because of its magical properties, which allow light to interact with the glass,” says Bruce. He aims to bring the beauty of nature to indoor spaces through glass and ceramics. “Clay gives me a deep sense of connection to the earth,” he says, adding that he hopes his work “remind(s) us of the beauty, power and fragility of nature, and encourage(s) us to preserve it.” 

Andrew Bruce graduated from Jesuit High School of New Orleans in 2022. He first joined the YAYA Guild in 2019.

 All works are copyright of the artist.

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