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Atlanta, Georgia


2018-2019 Scholarship General Assembly

Professional Development Grant 2017-2018

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Darryl White is a graphic designer with a focus in print media. However, in the evolving design marketplace, he seeks to adapt by adding digital design to his skill set. With this scholarship, White is taking courses in User Experience (UX) design and Data Analytics at General Assembly, a technology and professional development institution. Gaining working knowledge in this area makes it possible for White to keep pace with the digital design industry.


White earned a BFA at Xavier University of New Orleans and an MFA at The Savannah College of Art Design in Graphic Design. He has been an instructor at Westwood College and the Art Institute of Atlanta in recent years. ​White established White Light Media, a creative studio that designs and implements customized solutions to corporate enterprise and non-profit organizations, specializing in logo and brand identity, consumer packaging, typography and print. He currently designs for the Coca-Cola Company.

Darryl participated in the YAYA young artists’ guild 1989-1995.

All works are copyright of the artist.

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