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New Orleans, LA


2022-2023 Scholarship New Orleans Culinary Institute

Mini Grant 2019-2020

Garrison's Instagram


Glenn Garrison is pursuing a certificate in Culinary Arts from the New Orleans Culinary & Hospitality Institute. He is a painter and mixed media artist who is exploring multi-sensory experiences through Serving Senses - a production of dinner parties with curated food, presentation, music and environment - to capture the essence of New Orleans culture. In 2019, he was awarded a Mini Grant to create dinner-ware at the YAYA glass studio. 

“Having the opportunity to get a culinary degree, that would put another brush to my canvas,” says Garrison. “I have chosen to take my love for art and passion for cooking to the next level, to study culinary arts at NOCHI. I simply enjoy the creativity of my many passions (both) arts and food.”


​Glenn Garrison was active in the YAYA young artists’ guild from 2002-2005.

All works are copyright of the artist. 

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