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Atlanta, Georgia

2023-2024 Scholarship Savannah College of Art & Design Atlanta

Scholarship 2022-2023


Laila James is pursuing a BFA in Animation and a minor in Drawing at SCAD Atlanta. During her first year, she seized opportunities to attend SCAD events and make connections. “My main reason to attend SCAD was to network with fellow animators. By the end of the second quarter, I networked with people within and outside of my industry. I have connected with film, writing, and even industrial design majors. It was a pleasant surprise to meet people across curriculums,” says James. She was awarded a SCAD Achievement Honors Scholarship, chosen by the Director of Student Involvement to attend a Women Leadership Panel and has accepted an on-campus job as Orientation Assistant for the coming school year. 

In her work, she aims to illustrate her optimistic outlook. “To be unhappy, or view our world as painful is so normalized, and I feel that the beauty of life can be overlooked. That’s not to say that life isn’t painful, but if there is anybody who needs to be reminded just how joyous life can be, even through adversity, it’s my generation, Generation Z.” Some things she finds joy in are painting and creating, sweet macaroons, and the second lines of New Orleans.  

Laila James first joined the YAYA Guild in 2019.

All works are copyright of the artist.

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