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Atlanta, GA


2023-2024 Grant Luminary Vision: exploring printmaking with digital painting

Grant 2017-2018

Scholarship 2018-2019



Darryl White is a creative spirit who has built a career as a graphic designer over the last 20 years. He will use this grant to explore printmaking at Atlanta Printmaking Studio and digital art making within Procreate. A self-described optimist, White is hungry for a new challenge and the “opportunity to love ‘art’ and ‘process of creating.’” While studying fine art as an undergraduate student, he took a printmaking course that deeply interested him. “It was a very short class, and I didn’t get to explore it fully,” he says. 


The series this grant will fund is titled Luminary Visions. White is pulling inspiration from Catholic illumination artwork that includes gold leaf and vivid colors. His work aims to “shift perspectives and evoke emotions” through color. His creative practice is focused on “expanding customary views of creativity and challenging fine-art paradigms and breaking rules.” He looks forward to reconnecting with a community of artists, getting lost in the creative process, and showing in galleries. 

White earned a BFA at Xavier University of New Orleans and an MFA in Graphic Design at The Savannah College of Art Design. He has been an instructor at Westwood College and the Art Institute of Atlanta. Whitelight Media is his creative space for showcasing his work and passions. His passion and zest for art and design is grounded within the heart, soul and flavor of New Orleans. He currently serves as College & Career Advisor at Ana & Adeline Foundation.

Darryl White first joined the YAYA Guild in 1989.

All works are copyright of the artist.

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