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New Orleans, Louisiana


2019-2020 Grant Noire King: Immersive Experience Presentation

Scholarship 2015-2017, Grant 2018-2019

Barnes’s Instagram


Jourdan Barnes is a photographer, media and mixed media artist whose current work uses portraiture to celebrate and honor the strength, courage, and wisdom of the Black women and Black Queer men in his life. With this grant, Barnes is developing Noire King, an immersive multimedia experience for and about Black Queer men.  Working with DJ Jordan Anderson to produce a club-like setting that incorporates portraits, interviews, music and the possibility to dance, Barnes will create a space where Black Queer men can see themselves, learn, appreciate a healthy identity, and be proud of themselves. 

Barnes previously created Noire Queen, a collection of intimate and deific portraits of his mother, sister, and close friends. Noire Queen was featured in YAYA’s 2017 Prospect. 4 satellite exhibit and, in October 2018, selected works were exhibited at the Lower Eastside Girls Club in Manhattan. Barnes graduated from Xavier University of New Orleans in 2015 with a BA in Fine Arts and a minor in Psychology. He lives in New Orleans and works as the Community Engagement Specialist for the Louisiana Department of Health STD/HIV Program. Barnes also mentors high school artists as a studio teacher at YAYA.

Jourdan Barnes was active in the YAYA guild 2007-2011.

All works are copyright of the artist.

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