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New Orleans, LA


2019-2020 Mini Grant Glass Dinnerware

Garrison's Instagram


Glenn Garrison is a painter and mixed media artist who is exploring multisensory experiences through

Serving Senses - his production of dinner parties with curated food, presentation, music and environment - to capture the essence of New Orleans culture. Garrison produced the first Serving Senses in 2018 in collaboration with his mother who served home-cooked food alongside a visual exhibit hung in his childhood home. Garrison is planning a second production and is using the mini-grant to create dinner-ware at the YAYA glass studio. “Utilizing my childhood home to showcase my art made the creative experience a full circle moment: the flavors, experiences, lessons, and emotions that fuel my creative process became an integral piece of the installation,” said Garrison.

Glenn Garrison was active in the YAYA guild 2002-2005.

All works are copyright of the artist. 

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