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Boston, Massachusetts


2019-2020 Scholarship Boston University

Scholarship 2018-present

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Hannah Lee attends Boston University and is pursuing a BA in Studio Art with a concentration in Painting. She looks forward to graduating in May 2022.  Lee graduated in 2018 from Benjamin Franklin High School where she was in the Talented in Visual Arts gifted program. She has worked as a teaching assistant in YAYA’s summer art camp and community arts workshop. She is a guild member at YAYA and when she is home from school, continues her work with YAYA as much as she can. She aspires to encourage and inspire young artists to pursue art the same way her mentors have inspired her. In her words, “I want to inspire young artists to pursue art, not just as a hobby, but to make it their passion and future.” 

Hannah Lee is a current member of the YAYA guild, which she joined in 2016.

 All works are copyright of the artist.

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