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New Orleans, LA

2019-2020 Grant Women of Color: the Culture, Diversity & Strength they Possess

Powell's Instagram


KAwayne Powell is a painter and his grant supports a new body of work that highlights the strength and values of Women of Color. He will conduct research on the diverse cultures of the world, studying tradition as an avenue to the core values and strengths of women. His goal is to remove the stigmas and ignorance surrounding Women of Color and to spark a conversation on diversity, exhibiting equality among races and genders. Powell’s idea stems from being inspired by the strength and unconditional love of his mother and grandmother.

Powell’s work will be posted on Village Ashanti Publishing where he works as an illustrator. Village Ashanti represents a community of diverse people interacting with children in order for children to learn and grow in a safe environment of unconditional love. 

KAwayne Powell was active in the YAYA guild 2007-present.

All works are copyright of the artist

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