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New Orleans, LA

2022-2023 Transitional Scholarship 

Scholarship 2019-present

Parker's Instagram

Justin Parker graduated from East Jefferson High School in 2019.​ He has been studying Computer Science with a minor in Game Development at the University of New Orleans (UNO) since 2019. This year, he will be working with College and Career Advisor Darryl White to transfer to another program where he can focus on digital and graphic design. 

“Sometimes students have to experience life before making altering decisions about their future,” says Parker. “I realized early enough that Computer Science wasn't my passion and decided to go with my heart which is a major in Digital Design.” 

Parker has been in the National Society of Collegiate Scholars at UNO since 2019. He is passionate about the arts and studied as a Graphic Design apprentice through the Youth Empowerment Program in 2019 and 2020. He has participated in multiple mural projects through the Young Artist Movement at the Arts Council of New Orleans, including the Chinese Mural, The LUNA FETE digital mural project, and a mural with artist BMike located in the Central Business District at Girod and Baronne Streets. Parker completed STEM Scholars Transition Camp at UNO in Summer 2019. He has volunteered at Chateau Living Center, St. Clement of Rome and United Cerebral Palsy.

​​Justin Parker was active in the YAYA artists’ guild from 2014-2016.

All works are copyright of the artist. 

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