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Raleigh, NC

2022-2023 Scholarship North Carolina State University

Amira Slocum graduated from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University with a BS in Environmental Studies in 2021. She is beginning studies at North Carolina State University, pursuing a Masters of Landscape Architecture. She was awarded a Graduate School Diversity Enhancement Recruiting Fellowship from NCSU. She recently earned an Esthetics Certification at Health and Style Institute in Greensboro, NC and plans to practice professionally on the side while she earns her degree. She has continued to paint and draw during her studies and looks forward to combining her love for art, nature, and science in the Landscape Architecture program.

“During my undergraduate degree, I learned about environmental racism and realized I was a victim of it. Besides food deserts and lack of flourishing businesses in the Black community, the lack of green spaces is also a noticeable issue. Lack of green space is linked to poorer air quality, inadequate mental health, and reduced physical health,” says Slocum. “I have the motivation to share my love, appreciation, and beauty of nature with others so its healing effects can be understood. My passion is improving human and environmental health in all communities by incorporating my knowledge of medicinal and ornamental benefits of plants into urban areas whilst being able to sustainability add more greenery to primarily concrete, nonporous spaces.”

Amira Slocum was active in the YAYA young artists’ guild from 2015-2019.

All works are copyright of the artist.

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