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New Orleans, LA


2023-2024 Scholarship Tulane University New Orleans

Scholarship 2022-2023



Sofia Olexia-Daigle is pursuing a BA in Studio Art at Tulane University. She is working toward a Strategy, Leadership, and Analytics Minor (SLAM) and a teaching certification with plans to study abroad in Rome in Summer 2024. She says, “My identity and gender are significant to me as a person,” and that sentiment is reflected in her work: “Much of my work centers on women's strengths and challenges as mothers, daughters, professionals, and caregivers and the societal barriers they face.” 

A body of her work is hand-made ceramic dolls that are designed to showcase different women’s stories. “My pieces regularly contain cultural representations to celebrate women’s customs and traditions and where they play in the story told on their dress. My ultimate goal is for others to see themselves in my pieces, especially my dolls,” says Olexia-Daigle. Environmentalism and coastal restoration in Louisiana is another cause that is close to this artist’s heart.

Sofia Olexia-Daigle first joined the YAYA guild in 2017.

All works are copyright of the artist.

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