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Ana & Adeline Foundation Announces $55,225 in Artist Scholarships to YAYA Alumni

Scholarships totaling $55,225 are awarded to 7 visual artists and designers.

Ana & Adeline Foundation supports the emerging YAYA visual artist community with resources for advancing their careers and creative practice. YAYA is a working studio and youth arts center in New Orleans that was founded in 1988 by artist Jana Napoli. For more than three decades, YAYA has worked to empower creative young people through educational and entrepreneurial experiences in the visual arts. Seeing the value of investing in the long-term trajectory of artists, Napoli established the Ana & Adeline Foundation in 2011 to complement the YAYA program by supporting its alumni into their adult lives. The Foundation awards grants and scholarships to individual visual artists who represent a range in age and stage of their lives - from college students to emerging artists and creative business owners. Ana & Adeline Foundation also makes grants to YAYA for projects that engage their teen and young adult artists with national and international visual arts and design communities.

Ana & Adeline Foundation makes scholarships to YAYA alumni pursuing degrees in visual arts and design or studies that support leadership in those disciplines. Ana & Adeline Foundation is particularly dedicated to supporting first-generation college students and artists of color. Scholarships are up to $10,000 annually and artists may apply for 5 consecutive years or until they earn their degree, whichever comes first. Scholars may also use awards for continuing education, intensive workshops, and nontraditional institutions such as General Assembly.


The complete list of the 2021-2022 scholars are:

Jeremiah Brown Tulane University School of Professional Advancement, BA Graphic Design

Gerard Caliste New York School of Art, Minor Summer Intensive Program

David Garcia Patiño Drexel University, BA Fashion Design

Ian Jackson Fashion Institute of Technology, BA Fashion Design

Hannah Lee Boston University, BA Studio Art

Justin Parker University of New Orleans, BS Computer Science, Minor Game Development

Raymond Rollins Art League Houston, Summer Courses


The 2022-2023 scholarship recipients were selected by the following panel of creative and cultural leaders: