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Philadelphia, PA

2023-2024 Scholarship Drexel University

Scholarship 2022-2023, 2021-2022



David Garcia Patiño is pursuing a BA in Fashion Design at Drexel University. Inspired by his upbringing in Medlin, Columbia, he is driven to be an inspiration for minorities and immigrants. The culture of his homeland and the people of the 8th ward in New Orleans, where Garcia Patiño lived after his move to the U.S., are represented through his designs. His style calls on street-wear with a target audience of young adults. His clothing brand, Prophecy, was established before he graduated high school and he has plans to turn the brand into a household name.

“Fashion allows me to create amazing pieces of art, with the added bonus of making people feel and look good,” says Garcia Patiño, who recently met with his advisors and joined BRIDGE Scholars, a program at Drexel that aids students with resources and guidance. He has aspirations to study abroad in London. 

​David Garcia Patiño first joined the YAYA Guild in 2018.

All works are copyright of the artists.

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