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New Orleans, LA

2023-2024 Scholarship Louisiana State University Shreveport

Scholarship 2022-2023, 2021-20222019-2020



Justin Parker is pursuing a BFA in Digital Art at Louisiana State University Shreveport. In the past year, he has enjoyed Photoshop and Drawing courses. “I have never imagined how much enjoyment would come from learning Photoshop skills,” says Parker. He is committed to his artistry and excited at the prospect of implementing his digital design skills in the real world. His creativity is inspired by American pop culture and his love of SciFi/Fantasy video games, comics and movies.

He has been a Graphic Design apprentice through the Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) since 2019. He has participated in multiple mural projects through the Young Artist Movement at the Arts Council of New Orleans, including the Chinese Mural, the LUNA FETE Digital Mural Project, and a mural with artist BMike located in the Central Business District at Girod and Baronne Streets.

​​Justin Parker first joined the YAYA Guild in 2014.

All works are copyright of the artist. 

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